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Driveshaft Assembly & Balancing Equipment Manufacturers

Optional Equipment

Live Center:
The live center is for checking the straightness of a drive line and for heat straightening a drive line. It should not be used for pressing or balancing.
Live Center

SPL Fixtures:
SPL Fixtures

Automatic Weld Unit:
The autoweld unit bolts directly to the Shaftmaker, next to the headstock of the machine. Using a simple belt drive, it turns the headstock spindle from 0-6 RPM for professional looking welds. May fit other Driveline machines as well.
Automatic Weld Unit

Center Bearing Support:
Used for balancing a two or three piece drive line. The mounting base and dial indicator are adjustable to accommodate different size center bearings – this provides for a third balancing point.
Center Bearing Support

Transmission Slip Chuck:
This six jaw chuck will grab a minimum diameter of .670 and a maximum diameter of 6.300. The kit comes with a mounting plate, chuck wrench, adjusting wrench and mounting bolts.
Transmission Slip Chuck

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