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Shaftmaker G4


The Shaftmaker G4 is an electronic balancer that uses non-contact sensors for automated out-of-balance detection. The sensors are permanently mounted and do not require operator adjustment. When the Shaftmaker G4 is in the testing process, the sensors determine the out-of-balance at the head spindle and the tail spindle, displaying the out-of-balance amount of both on the LED touch screen. When the testing process is finished, the machine comes to a stop, then rotates the head end to the top dead center position for weight placement, then the machine will rotate the tail end for weight placement. After the drive shaft is balanced, the operator has the option to print the final results by using the included thermal printer.

Non-contact sensor system for
automated out-of-balance detection
17' base
14" swing
3 HP AC motor
0-3000 RPM
Dynamic breaking
LED touch screen and thermal printer
220 three phase power
Servo drive
15 ton hydraulic system
1000 lb. weight capacity
Machine weight: 3000 lbs.
150" spindle face-to-face
Length 18'6", width 3', height 5'4"

Shaftmaker G4
Training Video

Shaftmaker G4 end view
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